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DODD: The Boston Globe profiles the Connecticut senator and notes: "Dodd, while clearly frustrated by the lack of media attention to his long-shot campaign, said in an interview that the initial fascination with two or three leading candidates is 'not uncommon,' and insisted he will attract support and ultimately votes by running an old-fashioned, grass-roots campaign. ... Still, presidential politics is often unkind to politicians like Dodd who have dominated their states for so long that they may have grown rusty from lack of opposition."

EDWARDS: The campaign is releasing a CD, courtesy of rural strategist David "Mudcat" Saunders, the AP writes. The CD, entitled "Moneyland" is aimed at raising awareness about the plight of rural Americans. Anyone who contributes $50+ to Edwards receives a copy of it. Artists on the CD include Merle Haggard, who earlier this year, released a song that promoted Hillary Clinton's candidacy.  The CD, by the way, is apparently available to any campaign. No song explicitly advocates election Edwards or any candidate. Saunders, an Edwards adviser, is a co-producer of the album and claims it is "apolitical."

Remember the news earlier this week of Edwards' ties to a major hedge fund in New York? Well, stories like this could dog Edwards at some point, since he spends more time talking about the wage gap than any other candidate right now. Said one hedge fund partner at a panel discussion about whether hedge funds should be regulated by the government more: "Obviously what we make is absolutely obscene. I'm not saying it's wrong, trust me, but it's still obscene."

KUCINICH: The Washington Post's Milbank covers the congressman's press conference yesterday, where he announced he had filed articles of impeachment against Cheney. "But subsequent questioning quickly revealed that Kucinich had not yet persuaded any of his 434 colleagues to be a cosponsor, that he had not even discussed the matter with House Democratic leaders, and that he had not raised the subject with the Judiciary Committee. But Kucinich did have one thing: a copy of the Declaration of Independence. And he was not afraid to read it."

Given his effort to impeach Cheney, NBC's Chris Donovan pulls out this 1998 quote from Kucinich, who opposed Clinton's impeachment: "In the Names of Washington, of Jefferson, and of Lincoln, and of all who fought to create one nation, indivisible, do not cleave this Nation with a partisan impeachment, for a House of Representatives divided against itself shall not stand."

OBAMA: Check out this nugget in Howard Fineman's piece on MSNBC.com: "As he prepared for the Democrats' first presidential debate, Sen. Barack Obama sought advice from a wide circle, including, I am told, Gen. Colin Powell, who now deeply regrets his role in making the case for war in Iraq… I am told that Powell and Obama have talked more than once, urged to do so by mutual friends. Powell has had a history of offering his expertise to anyone who is interested, but especially fellow African-Americans, since there aren't many blacks in the top ranks of the foreign policy establishment."

Meanwhile, Maureen Dowd continues to write surprisingly negative columns on the Obamas. Her first few columns hit the candidate -- this one hits Michelle.