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Obama: 'We can aspire to something greater'

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum
In his speech this afternoon before the National Jewish Democratic Council, Obama didn't fully discuss his relationship with Israel until the Q&A session, when he was asked about his relationship with Muslim and Arab voters. Obama responded that he actually has more support from the Jewish community than the Muslim community -- although he would welcome support from both. Regarding Israel, Obama said, "The truth is that we have to be very hard headed and clear eyed in terms of the dangers that exist throughout the Middle East, and those that seek to perpetrate terror on the United States as well as Israel."

He continued,"  But we also have to recognize that the status quo is not inevitable. We can aspire to something greater. If we can find partners on the other side that are committed to recognizing Israel and committed to renouncing violence, [then] we have the need to reach out to them and we should want to have that difficult tough discussion -- but nevertheless have that discussion, about how we're going to arrive at, what I think everybody wants, which is two states living side by side in peace and security. So, my commitment to you is unwavering."