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Oh-eight (R)

A GOP poll released by Zogby has McCain leading Giuliani in South Carolina, 22-19% with Thompson edging Romney for third 11%-10%.

BROWNBACK: In Boston, Brownback and Dodd, "stepping beyond the traditional bounds of their respective parties, outlined a series of political differences Monday rooted in their varying interpretations of their shared Catholic faith." The session was moderated by NBC's own Tim Russert.

GINGRICH: The ex-Speaker has an op-ed in the conservative journal Human Events, in which he pushes the idea of "green conservatism."

GIULIANI: When the former mayor comes back to New York for public events, he gets trailed by 9/11 protestors.

HAGEL: No one knows what office Chuck Hagel plans to run for. But if he runs for re-election in Nebraska, he could find himself in a Joe Lieberman-like situation: unpopular in his own party and vulnerable to a primary foe running to his right on the war. (Wonder if Hagel's tested how well he'd do running as an independent?)

ROMNEY: The ex-Massachusetts governor was in Florida yesterday paying homage to the VERY popular GOP Gov. Charlie Crist (do you realize he's got approval ratings in the 70s?). Crist is still non-committal, but Romney did secure a statewide officeholder yesterday, Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson. But, no, we don't believe Romney has a death wish.