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Gonzales under fire

The Los Angeles Times covers Bush's statement of confidence yesterday in Gonzales. "Gonzales has few fans these days among the power elite in the nation's capital, especially since his underwhelming appearance before a Senate panel last week. But he has at least one enthusiast left — the only one who really counts."

The Washington Post: "[T]he comments suggested that the president intends to ride out the storm despite qualms among Republican lawmakers and even some of his own aides."

The Times says the same thing: "It indicated that Mr. Bush, at least for now, has concluded his attorney general can weather the challenge to his leadership at the Justice Department, barring any evidence of wrongdoing."

In a written statement released as the last item of the White House workday, Bush showed another sign of support for the embattled attorney general, NBC's Kelly O'Donnell notes. "I commend Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission Deborah Majoras for their work on the Identity Theft Task Force Report released today," Bush said. "The Report is the culmination of many months of hard work by numerous Federal agencies. Identity theft is a serious problem in America, and my Administration is working to combat this crime and to assist its victims. I thank the Attorney General, the Chairman, and their staffs for taking on this difficult and important assignment." (We normally don't see the White House issue a thank-you to people for doing their jobs.)