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Biden also addresses Jewish group

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum
Unlike Edwards and Dodd, who began their speeches to the National Jewish Democratic Council by speaking about Israel, Biden instead chose to speak on the Holocaust. He mentioned the Virginia Tech tragedy, commending the Holocaust survivor who sacrificed his life for his students in that tragedy. He continued to talk about lessons of the Holocaust before moving on to Iraq, promising to end the war responsibly. "The President hasn't only waged war on Iraq, he has waged war on our civil liberties... They want to change the court, they want to change our civil liberties." 

Halfway through his speech, Biden addressed Israel. He questioned why President Bush has not visited that country. "There is nothing like tasting it, feeling it." He continued to assert that peace and security in Israel would be a priority in his Administration.

And Biden spoke about his habit of speaking his mind too much. "The problem I have with my party is we are too timid." After some applause, he continued, "I may be too blunt, and it may cost me the presidency. I am not running for president to hear hail to the chief, I'm running to solve problems... The next president will change the world."