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McCain also takes on global warming

From NBC's Carrie Dann
In his energy policy address today -- his third speech in advance of his official campaign kickoff later this week -- John McCain tried to balance his moderate stance on global warming with a solidly conservative plan to combat it with market-based incentives. Global warming "is a serious and urgent economic, environmental, and national security challenge," he warned, (although a large chunk of the GOP base might disagree). But he emphasized that, under his proposals, "the profit motive ... will unleash the market to move clean alternative fuels and advanced energy technologies from the margins into the mainstream."
McCain, still smarting from a tough week after his stint as a Beach Boys cover singer traced its way from YouTube to a stinging attack by MoveOn.org, received a more merciful treatment from reporters after his address. Journalists limited their efforts for more "Bomb, bomb Iran" reaction to a single question at the end of the presser -- inviting him instead to delve into the specifics of his cap-and-trade legislation and of McCain-Feingold, which comes before the Supreme Court this week. But when the inevitable question about last week's musical pseudo-gaffe was finally broached, McCain showed that he intends to stand by his joke as firmly as he stands by his unpopular strategy for Iraq. "When I'm in the company of my comrades and friends who have served in the military, I will always use humor, he said. "And for those who can't understand it or don't like it, my answer is 'lighten up and get a life.'"