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Even more oh-eight

The New York Times writes about the flood of debates that all the presidential candidates are being invited to. The result has been public — and not-so-public — maneuvering by candidates from both parties as they try to limit the number of debates without making it look as if they might be trying to limit the number of debates. The sprint begins with a Democratic debate this Thursday in South Carolina and a Republican debate a week later in California.

Want more debates? Yahoo!, The Huffington Post, and Slate are announcing today the formation of a partnership to host two online debates moderated by Charlie Rose. The Democratic debate will include introductory remarks by DNC Chair Howard Dean. Few details were released about the GOP debate. Will Yahoo! and Rose be enough to attract the GOP candidates, as the two other sponsors are known for their left-of-center audiences and points of view? (In the Times story above, McCain spokesperson Brian Jones is quoted as saying McCain's camp has already said no to the HuffPo debate.)

The Nevada GOP voted over the weekend to join the state Democratic Party in hosting a caucus on Jan. 19, which right now is set for the Saturday after Iowa and before New Hampshire. However, many New Hampshire primary watchers are expecting Secretary of State Bill Gardner to leap frog Nevada -- possibly for the Tuesday before -- triggering the Iowa caucuses to move up a week as well (from Jan. 14 to Jan. 7). When Nevada was hosting only a Democratic caucus, there was reason to believe some in the media would skip Nevada. Now, with both parties holding an event in the state, the media may now take Nevada's caucuses more seriously.

Speaking of New Hampshire, government leaders decided to drop the "primary" from their tourism pitches, because they worried it would put focus on the money the state makes from having the first primary -- and therefore encourage other states to challenge New Hampshire's status.

The New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a column in the current issue of Newsweek boasting about his leadership on the gun issue. And the Bloomberg-for-prez rumors got some fresh fire stoking. Apparently someone in his world is looking into ballot access issues.