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Group airs TV ad on global warming

From NBC's Mark Murray
On the eve of Thursday's Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina -- which will air on MSNBC and NBC affiliates throughout the state -- the League of Conservation Voters has begun running a TV ad in South Carolina and Washington, DC that features actor Robert Redford urging the candidates to make the issue of global warming a priority.

In the ad, Redford says: "In every generation, there are a few defining moments when we have a chance to chart a new course that will leave our children a better world… We need to challenge all of the presidential candidates to make solving global warming a top priority."

A League of Conservation spokesman tells First Read that the ad went up last night and will air for a week. The spokesman would not reveal the size of the ad buy, but said it is a "strong" cable buy in South Carolina," and a "nominal" cable buy in DC.