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MoveOn vs. McCain

From NBC's Mark Murray
Liberal MoveOn says that it will go up with a TV ad in Iowa and New Hampshire next week that takes John McCain to task for the "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" comment he jokingly made earlier this week. The ad -- which comes at a buy of $100,000 and is already posted on YouTube -- goes: "America has lived through six years of a reckless foreign policy. We're stuck in Iraq. More than 3,000 Americans are dead. And thousands more wounded. Now comes John McCain with his answer to what we should do about Iran." The ad then plays McCain's "Bomb, bomb" comment, and it concludes: "John McCain? We can't afford another reckless president."

The McCain campaign quickly responded to the ad: "It comes as no surprise that America's most liberal interest group would attack John McCain's belief that we cannot allow Iran to destroy Israel," said spokesman Matt David. "After all, MoveOn.org posted ads comparing President Bush to Hitler during the last presidential election."