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Clinton's speech at Rutgers

From NBC's Carrie Dann, Lauren Appelbaum, and Eman Varoqua
In her remarks at Rutgers University today, Hillary Clinton heaped praise upon the members of its women's basketball team for their bravery and poise in the midst of Don Imus's insensitive comments about them. But she chose not to mention Imus' even once during her speech.

"I'm happy she didn't say his name," said Patrice Morris, 28, a Ph.D. student at Rutgers and native of Jamaica. "Everyone already knows and now she put the focus on the players who stood up for themselves instead."

The tone of Clinton's speech was respectful, but not always somber. One moment of levity came when, sounding more like a befuddled parent than an impeccably disciplined candidate, she tried to expound on how the war on intolerance can be waged through social networking websites."How can we use ... Myface? What's it called?" she asked. When the mashup of "MySpace" and "Facebook" drew a giggle from the audience, Clinton could only laughingly add, "My daughter's going to kill me."

Later in the day, Clinton addressed Al Sharpton's National Action Network -- and once again talked about the Rutgers women's basketball team. She said, "We need to stand with them, and be clear that as women, we will no longer put up with the degradation and demeaning treatment that too often has visited upon our girls and women." After some applause, Clinton went on, "So yes, I am proud to be a woman and I hope that by my running, other young girls and women can think about how they can keep going, what barriers they break through, what their possibilities are for the lives they want to lead."