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More oh-eight (D)

CLINTON: With the New York senator slated to speak before Al Sharpton's confab today, husband Bill did the honors yesterday. He "gave a wide-ranging talk on topics from the genocide in Darfur to his efforts to reduce the calorie content of soft drinks. He spoke of a booming global economy that has enriched many but has remained unattainable for most… A highly popular figure among black voters, President Clinton offered an added boost to his wife, who was scheduled to address the group Friday. Sen. Barack Obama, who hopes to be the first black president, was set to speak Saturday."

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has picked up the support of St. Louis mayor Francis Slay, the first prominent Missouri Democrat to endorse a candidate.

DODD: He's spending his Earth Day weekend in New Hampshire; his visit started last night as he touted his energy proposal, the AP says. "Dodd earlier Thursday unveiled an environmental policy that calls for a steep increase of auto fuel economy standards to 50 miles per gallon by 2017 and a mandate for the government to use clean-energy vehicles and green technology in all its offices. Dodd's proposal sets a goal of reducing 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050."

OBAMA: He heads to Boston today, where 5,000 are expected to show up at an event that -- like others around the country for Obama -- was planned mostly by college students.

Obama also is celebrating Earth Day in New Hampshire this weekend.

RICHARDSON: During his own speech to Sharpton's group, Richardson said he'd make Africa a major foreign policy priority.