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Giuliani in Oklahoma City

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum
Speaking today in Oklahoma City at the annual remembrance ceremony of the 1995 bombing there, Giuliani talked about the resolve of the American people -- as well as September 11 and God. "What [the terrorists] are using against us is fear," he said to the bombing's survivors and the victims' families. "What they believe is that we're weak. We'll win this victory over terrorism if we prove to them they're wrong, that we're strong and resilient people. We mourn and hurt and we'll never forget but we don't live under fear."

Addressing the "why" surrounding the events of Oklahoma City, 9/11, and Virginia Tech, Giuliani referred to God. "The only place and the only way we're going to get an understanding from this is understanding that we get from God." He continued, "[Terrorists] don't understand America, they don't understand freedom, they don't understand where it comes from. It doesn't come from us. It comes from God."

Giuliani pledged to use the lessons learned from these three events for the future. "We owe to those we lost at Virginia Tech, those that we lost here and on September 11th, that we will do everything we can to prevent a future act. Maybe we can't achieve that 100% but we must try."