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The Wall Street Journal analyzes if the Democrats-- so far -- are accomplishing the "new direction" in Congress it promised voters last year. "In the space of 100 days of Democratic control, the House has challenged President Bush over the Iraq war, sent dozens of bills to an uncertain fate in the Senate, imposed tougher ethics rules and started reshaping the federal budget… But few of the House-passed bills have become law, and signature issues such as raising the minimum wage and cutting student-loan rates are adrift. The Iraq war debate consumes time and energy, and if the year only produces Senate stalemate and White House veto fights, it will seem a very 'Old Direction' to independent voters who helped Democrats win control in the 2006 elections and put a priority on bipartisan results."

Meanwhile, the Washington Post delves into the various spats Bush has found himself in with congressional Democrats. Among the confrontations highlighted: unionization of airport security workers, loosening of presidential secrecy orders, closing of Guantanamo Bay, and the reinstatement of legal rights for terrorism suspects.