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More oh-eight (D)

Obama attends fundraisers in Florida today before heading to Iowa this weekend for a series of campaign events there. Clinton, meanwhile, travels to New Hampshire to address the NEA-New Hampshire Delegate Assembly. On Saturday, she will hit fundraisers in Florida -- the most prominent of which is one in Miami headlined by hip-hop mogul Timbaland, who has produced music for rappers Jay Z, Ludacris, and Missy Elliot.

Per the AP, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine (D) will endorse Clinton on Monday. They two were elected to the Senate the same year, in 2000.

Biden has named his state director in Iowa, Bill Romjue.

The Washington Post examines the social networking boom happening among the campaigns, and it notes how Edwards is part of more social networks than any other rival.

Obama's campaign is holding 5,000 "community kickoff" meetings planned nationwide as supporters post their events on Obama's Web site for public viewing. (These "meet ups"/house parties take place on March 31, so don't be surprised if it takes Obama's camp a few extra days to deal with the money trickling in.)

Per the Los Angeles Times, George Clooney wants to help Obama, but… "At the moment Clooney is playing it close to the vest, waiting to see if he can play a part without become a distracting sideshow. His quandary is a measure of Hollywood's growing political sophistication; celebs are beginning to understand that their support can be a double-edged sword."

Jesse Jackson is officially on board Team Obama. Meanwhile, Al Sharpton denied a rumor he would endorse his fellow New Yorker, Hillary Clinton. Apparently, he doesn't plan to endorse anyone until after his National Action Network Convention at the Sheraton New York on April 18-21.

And Stu Rothenberg sums up the angst many analysts have when assessing the Democratic field. Is it a two-person race or a three-person race? "What tier is John Edwards in? He's either at the back of the top tier or between the top and second tiers. That certainly doesn't make him a frontrunner, but it means, at least at this point, that he is in the ballgame."