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Is Clinton helping Vilsack with his debt?

From WHO-TV's David Price
Tom Vilsack runs for President. Tom Vilsack drops out. Tom Vilsack's in debt. Tom Vilsack endorses Hillary Clinton (let's forget about the whole Iraq difference for now). Hillary Clinton's peeps say she'll help Vilsack pay off debt. Tom Vilsack says no, she won't. Now, what?

I sat down with Iowa's former Gov [on Thursday]. He told me Mrs. C is not going to help with his red bank account ($430,000 or so in debt). Monday night, Clinton's camp said she would help Vilsack find some money. The campaign emphasized the endorsement didn't come with a price; no payback here.

But Vilsack maintains he's taken out a personal loan to pay off his bills, and he will pay it back in whatever time it takes (he wanted to make sure he paid his staff a final two weeks' pay and benefits after he closed down his campaign).

So from where will all this money come? Vilsack says he has friends in Iowa who are strongly supporting Clinton, but who also think he did a good job as Gov. They will help him pay his bills. Clinton's campaign says pretty much the same thing today as Monday: the Clintons and Vilsacks are friends and have been friends for decades. The Senator's willing to do what she can to help her friend, Tom Vilsack. So is she helping him with this or not?