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Oh-eight (R)

McCain makes remarks tonight at the annual Congressional Fire Services Institute Reception & Dinner and also hits a closed-press fundraiser in McLean, VA. Giuliani visits with voters in Oklahoma City, OK. Brownback stumps in South Carolina. And after already making an appearance this morning at an open-press breakfast in Blufton, SC, Romney kicks off the start of the conservative Club for Growth's winter conference in Florida.

The conference, which is closed to the press, will also hear from Gilmore (Friday late morning), Brownback (Friday afternoon), Gingrich (Friday night), and Giuliani (Saturday at lunch). As we mentioned yesterday, two people who have received criticism from the Club -- Huckabee and McCain -- won't be attending the conference. Per his campaign, McCain travels to Iraq at the end of this week.

Barbara Walters taped an interview on Tuesday with Rudy Giuliani and his wife that's set to air tomorrow on 20/20.

Not only did Giuliani pick up Steve Forbes' endorsement yesterday; he also embraced Forbes' signature issue: the flat tax. But the New York Times reminds us that Giuliani rejected the flax tax when Forbes ran for president in 1996.

The Washington Post does its Fred-Thompson-might-run story, and it quotes Sen. Lamar Alexander (R), who succeeded Thompson in the Senate, as saying Thompson is "seriously considering" a bid. For what it's worth, our reporting indicates that Thompson is getting more serious about a bid. A Capitol Hill event -- tentatively set for April 18 -- could end up being a big step forward for him.

Mitt Romney's campaign continues to reap some dividends from Romney's role as Republican Governors Association chair in 2006: Bob Beauprez, who lost badly to Democrat Bill Ritter in last year's Colorado gubernatorial race, is endorsing Romney.

And in the battle for the House in 2008, the House GOP campaign committee is going on the offense to win back control of Congress, targeting 11 House Democrats in an aggressive e-campaign that begins today.