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Oh-eight (D)

USA Today examines Bill Clinton's impact on his wife's presidential campaign. "In a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, 70% of Americans say Bill Clinton will do more good than harm for his wife's campaign." (Speaking of Bill, it will be interesting to see how much Hillary refers to Bill once the first quarter fundraising deadline is out of the way. Will he suddenly go into a hiding for a few months?)

The AP's Pickler notes that since the announcement of Elizabeth's cancer, John Edwards has been more open in talking about his late son, Wade -- something he was hesitant to do in the last presidential race. Bill Richardson did Jon Stewart last night, where he acknowledged that he still hasn't "announced announced"; he says he's "unofficially" running for president.

And Al Gore's planned "Live Earth" concert might be too political to get congressional support in allowing planners to use the Mall for the event. The Senate GOP's biggest global warming critic, Jim Inhofe, is behind the effort to prevent "Live Earth" from coming from the Mall. Organizers are now looking at another venue that just exudes American patriotism: Shea Stadium.