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With so much talk of acrimony between congressional Democrats and the White House, the Los Angeles Times reminds us about one issue the two sides agree on: immigration. "For a month, White House staffers and Cabinet members have met three to four times a week with influential Republican senators and aides to hash out a consensus plan designed to draw a significant number of GOP votes. With that effort largely completed, Republicans were hoping to present their proposal Wednesday to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), who would lead the Democrats in any attempt to move a bill through the Senate. The intense effort — conceived by the president's chief political strategist, Karl Rove — is intended to ensure that Bush will achieve at least one crucial policy victory in the last two years of his presidency."

The San Francisco Chronicle looks at Nancy Pelosi's tenure so far as speaker. "Even Republicans conceded that Pelosi, whom they have derided as an out-of-touch San Francisco liberal, has done a good job of keeping the 233 House Democrats together through some tough votes -- although few of their bills have made it through the Senate and onto President Bush's desk."

The Washington Post: "House Democrats say their budget blueprint would erase the federal deficit without raising 'a single penny' in new taxes. But the proposal, set for a vote today, requires either that millions of middle-class families be hit with higher taxes" -- in the form of the Alternative Minimum Tax -- "next spring or that somebody else pay an extra $50 billion."