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Clinton slams Bush veto threat

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum
We noticed that Hillary Clinton's office didn't release a statement last night after the the Senate narrowly defeated a GOP measure to strip a non-binding withdrawal deadline from the Senate's emergency spending bill. But speaking at an event today where she picked up the endorsement from the National Organization for Women's PAC, Clinton attacked President Bush's veto threat. "He is willing to veto the will of the people who elected this Congress to start bringing troops home. The president should listen to the will of the people and the experience of those who have been working on this for years -- and start redeploying our troops." She continued: "I challenge him to withdraw his veto threat and accept what has been obvious to us all." (Clinton critics would point out, however, that it hasn't exactly been obvious to her until recently.)

Also the endorsement event, Clinton also spoke on health care, education, and -- of course -- women in political power. Throughout her entire speech, you could hear chants from the other side of the wall, as about 15 Code Pink ladies (and one man) protested outside. They chanted, "Hillary lead us out of Iraq now." One woman held up a sign that asked: "Would you send Chelsea to Iraq?"