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Countdown to the March 31 deadline… According to the Washington Post, Edwards' online donations have skyrocketed since the announcement of the return of Elizabeth Edwards' cancer. Said former Kerry finance director Tracy Sturman in the article: "What clearly happened last week is, he made a connection. But after that point, the question is whether donors will start asking, 'Why am I backing this person when there's this doubt about whether he'll still be running?'" Edwards top finance person, Fred Baron, said "that people may have been 'too embarrassed' to approach him at fundraisers with such a pointed question, but so far no one has asked him about the campaign's long-range fundraising outlook." More Baron: "I know it's delicate, but I think if people had these kinds of feelings -- that they were working for a campaign that was doomed -- I would think they would express that to me."

Two new Iowa polls -- one by Zogby and the other by the University of Iowa -- confirm the conventional wisdom that John Edwards is leading in the state. Remember, however, that caucus polling is difficult and expensive. And, frankly, the best surveys may be those that are conducted by the campaigns. 

Speaking of Iowa, AARP CEO Bill Novelli today begins visiting three cities in the Hawkeye State, where he'll unveil a new poll on health care and long-term financial security.

And, yes, we know it's early, but this could have gigantic repercussions in Iowa, which has become an important swing state in presidential elections. The governor there is likely to sign legislation which will allow same-day voter registration, meaning that an unregistered voter can go to the polls on Election Day, register, and then vote. Only a couple of states now allow this -- most notably Minnesota. Generally, the C.W. says that Democrats are helped in situations like these since it allows younger voters to procrastinate before voting.