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First thoughts

From Chuck Todd and Mark Murray.
*** What did Senate Democrats win with yesterday's vote on Iraq? Will a Bush veto continue to make this a "Republican" war? Then again, aren't Senate Republicans tired of carrying Bush's water so they actually let Bush be the decider on this one? And what does it mean for the senators running for president and re-election in '08?

*** Swift Boat redux: Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today could sink the nomination of Sam Fox to be the ambassador to Belgium because of a $50,000 donation he made in 2004 to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Three current Dem presidential candidates are on the committee.

*** Another day, another Democratic cattle call: Why aren't the GOP presidential candidates appearing at as many forums sponsored by party interest groups? Or are they, but the press just doesn't know about it?

*** Strings attached: Can Hillary Clinton secure a major endorsement without having a follow-up story that includes the "price" of the endorsement? (First it was the campaign contracts for those South Carolina black leaders; now there are allegations that Tom Vilsack and Bill Shaheen endorsed her to help retire campaign debt and possibly win an ambassadorship.)

*** Packing heat: Did Sen. Jim Webb's (D) comments yesterday about his aide's arrest for carrying a gun (possibly Webb's) on Capitol Hill suggest that the senator is somehow above the law?

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