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Oh-eight (R)

In the GOP field, McCain holds a media availability this morning in Tallahassee, FL before heading back to DC. Giuliani, meanwhile, visits Teaneck, NJ.

Fair or not, the tone of the coverage for McCain continues to be glum, even in the Christian Science Monitor, which sports this headline: "Can McCain recover in race for GOP nomination?"

Giuliani's campaign fixed a flaw in his Web site after the AP discovered the ability for hackers to get personal info of volunteers and contributors. "The vulnerability affecting Giuliani's site, JoinRudy2008.com, could have exposed confidential information stored in the campaign's databases. The Web site failed to block commands that can instruct it to improperly display sensitive information, a popular hacking technique known as 'structured query language injection.'"

So how many reporters will call former RNC chair Ed Gillespie now based on the news that he had lunch with Fred Thompson?

Brownback's latest fundraising email appeal has the subject header: "Roe v. Wade Can Be Overturned."

According to the AP, Bay Buchanan has left CNN to temporarily oversee Tom Tancredo's presidential campaign. She's only doing this until the campaign finds a permanent campaign manager.

And the Washington Post lists Newt Gingrich's reading list.