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More oh-eight

The USA Today/Gallup poll shows Edwards with a small bump (up 5 points) since the news came out that his wife's cancer had returned. Clinton leads at 35%, followed by Obama at 22%, and Edwards at 14%. Moreover, 58% say they support Edwards' decision to stay in the race. In the GOP field, Fred Thompson debuts in double digits (12%) -- behind Giuliani and McCain. Thompson appears to take most of his vote from Giuliani and Romney, as McCain's number actually went up a couple of points from the last Gallup survey.

Countdown to the March 31 fundraising deadline… As we've already mentioned, McCain is skipping a fundraiser to come back to DC for the Senate Iraq debate; Obama raised approximately $500,000 in Atlanta yesterday (rapper Ludicris was in attendance); and Brownback said this of the coming deadline: "These things take time… Candidates should not be discounted because in their first reporting period or two, they don't have the same amount of numbers as somebody who has been a national candidate for some time."

The Clinton folks are trying to lower the expectations of their fundraising a bit. Over the weekend, press reports had her weekend haul at over $10 million; however, the campaign said yesterday it was closer to $6 million. The likely discrepancy is the amount of money the campaign is raising in general election dollars -- which should NOT be counted when assessing how much money she raised compared to the rest of the campaigns.

And speaking of fundraising, today is the fifth anniversary of when President Bush signed the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance reform into law.