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Code Pink returns

From NBC's Carrie Dann
The magenta-clad Code Pink protestors who dog Hillary Clinton along the campaign trail were back this morning -- this time at the Communication Workers of America's conference in DC. During a break in the program, TV cameras swiveled to catch shots of a group of five demonstrators sporting pink shirts that spelled out "NO WAR." Event organizers glumly took to the microphone to announce that "CWA has been outspoken in its criticism of the war... It is sad that [the protestors] aren't extending the same respect to us that we did to them."

Hotel management escorted the protestors out before Clinton took the stage, sparing her the tension of having to speak over their chants -- as she did during a similar disruption at the DNC's Winter Meeting last month. But they didn't leave before their shouts were drowned out by a collective tongue-in-cheek response from the union delegates at the event, who chanted at them "Go See Bush!"

In her remarks, Clinton chose to respond with pep rather than annoyance, although she mentioned the standoff only indirectly. Thanking one of the event organizers who helped to defuse the situation, she said, "You've done a lot to keep people in good spirits this morning... We're on the march! Let's be in a good humor!"