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Oh-eight (R)

Brownback campaigns in Iowa; McCain raises money in Texas; and Romney, also in Texas, holds a media availability in Houston.

Newsday ran a story this weekend that implied Judith Giuliani is not popular inside the campaign. Here's a choice excerpt. "In private statements, some Giuliani loyalists said she directly intervenes with senior staff -- who have been with him for many years -- on matters from scheduling to event planning and use of personnel, sometimes in ways that the staffers might wish to resist but dare not." (Perhaps a spouse story might be worthwhile for someone this week. Elizabeth Edwards, Judith Giuliani, and Bill Clinton make a fascinating trio.)

In a weekend interview with the AP's Iowa pooh-bah Mike Glover, Huckabee said: "'Sometimes when people say, "When you get traction, I'm going to be with you," my answer is, "You are my traction."'"  Huckabee has said previously the Ames Straw poll, set for August, will make or break his candidacy.

The Sunday Los Angeles Times recounted how hard Romney worked in 2002 to win over Massachusetts' liberal establishment.

The Boston Globe profiled the semi-secretive "Arlington Group," which is in the process of interviewing all the candidates before deciding whom to support. They've interviewed most of the second tier, but none of the first.