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The Washington Post examines a possible run by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and it speculates that he could spend up to $500 million of his money in his bid. "Publicly, the Democrat-turned-Republican professes no interest in the top job at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But the founder of the Bloomberg financial news empire has dropped enough hints and has had enough tantalizing discussions with potential supporters that people who observe the city's politics for a living are convinced he is at least thinking about it."

Countdown to the March 31 fundraising deadline… If you're looking for an angle this week between Obama and Clinton regarding their fundraising, one might want to focus on their low-dollar vs. high-dollar events. Obama's Florida events were a mix of small and high, while Clinton's California trip apparently was almost all high dollar.

The New York Post adds up Hillary's weekend events and comes to the conclusion she raised $10 million this weekend. (Do we really think she has only raised three times that for the entire rest of the quarter?)

McCain was quoted over the weekend acknowledging that his campaign got a "late start" regarding fundraising. For what it's worth, his campaign was the first of the Big Three Republicans to open an FEC account.

Expect the Obama folks might take pride in the following: of the Big Six presidential candidates, he's the only one NOT worth tens of millions of dollars.

Also, Romney and Giuliani have enough personal money that there has been speculation they could partially self-fund if necessary.

Later in the week, we'll issue a guide to examining the FEC reports.