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Besides the Edwardses' events today, Hillary Clinton is in Iowa to pick up an endorsement from former Iowa Gov. (and presidential candidate) Tom Vilsack and his wife. Obama, meanwhile, fundraises in Atlanta.

Newsweek speculates: "Ruthless as it may seem, some donors may withhold their support until it's clear Elizabeth's illness will not overwhelm Edwards's candidacy. A fund-raising deficit could make it impossible for Edwards to secure early endorsements from labor leaders who are wary of alienating Hillary Clinton and may only support a candidate with a decent shot at the nomination."

The AP's lead from the 60 Minutes interview last night was John Edwards' discouragement of supporting him if you are simply feeling sympathetic to Elizabeth.

The New York Times' headline: "Edwards's Cancer Has Spread into One of her Hips."

Among the more interesting analysis pieces over the weekend was this one from the Los Angeles Times' newest opinion columnist, Ron Brownstein: "Obama's early support is following a pattern familiar from the campaigns of other brainy liberals with cool, detached personas and messages of political reform, from Eugene McCarthy in 1968 to Gary Hart in 1984 to Bill Bradley in 2000. Like those predecessors, Obama is running strong with well-educated voters but demonstrating much less support among those without college degrees… But it is not a pattern Obama can allow to harden. All of the candidates whose support fit that profile ultimately lost the nomination to rivals whose support was rooted in the blue-collar and minority communities where Clinton is strongest in early surveys."

Chicago Tribune finally weighed in Sunday with its own major profile of Obama: "More than 40 interviews with former classmates, teachers, friends and neighbors in his childhood homes of Hawaii and Indonesia, as well as a review of public records, show the arc of Obama's personal journey took him to places and situations far removed from the experience of most Americans. At the same time, several of his oft-recited stories may not have happened in the way he has recounted them. Some seem to make Obama look better in the retelling, others appear to exaggerate his outward struggles over issues of race, or simply skim over some of the most painful, private moments of his life."

Most of the Democratic candidates made it out to Las Vegas to participate in a health-care forum. Apparently, both Obama and Hillary hinted that they could raise taxes to implement their health care plans.

Remember, Edwards has already pledged to raise taxes to pay for his health care plan.