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Besides the US attorneys controversy, the other story that the political world is talking about is last night's showdown between Clinton adviser Mark Penn and Obama adviser David Axelrod at what was supposed to be a friendly discussion at Harvard about the presidential campaign. The Washington Post: "The exchange marked the most substantive clash to date between the Obama and Clinton campaigns and reflected frustration among Clinton advisers over the Illinois senator's use of [the 2002 war authorization vote] to distinguish his candidacy."

The AP adds that Penn "gave a sneak preview of" Clinton's strategy for combating … Obama's criticism for her support of the Iraqi war, telling a Harvard audience Monday that the two behaved similarly on the issue 'when they got to the Senate.' Mark Penn … also cited two quotes he said undercut Obama's oft-cited opposition to an October 2002 congressional resolution authorizing military action in Iraq.

Yet the Boston Globe, in a review of Obama's record during his 26 months in Congress, writes that "he has taken a more nuanced and cautious position on the war than the full-bore opposition."

The AP says John Edwards is struggling to hold onto his support in South Carolina, a state he won in 2004 and where he was born.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Morning News -- in a survey of Texas GOP insiders -- notes that none of the Republican presidential front-runners "has generated much support among Republican Party loyalists in Texas, whose early favorite to head the ticket in 2008 hasn't even announced -- Newt Gingrich."

The New York Times front-pages how John McCain's and Sam Brownback's support for comprehensive immigration reform has become a problem with GOP voters in Iowa. "As he left Iowa, Mr. McCain said he was reconsidering his views on how the immigration law might be changed. He said he was open to legislation that would require people who came to the United States illegally to return home before applying for citizenship."

And the San Francisco Chronicle tries to unmask ParkRidge47, the person who first posted the anti-Hillary YouTube video that's a spoof off of Apple's famous "1984" TV ad.