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The Bush/GOP Agenda

Also in advance of CPAC, the Boston Globe looks at how and why conservatives are shifting their focus to key 2008 congressional races instead of the presidential race.  The Globe writes that "faced with a pack of GOP presidential contenders with spotty conservative credentials, the party's fiscal and social conservatives say they are making a special effort to reclaim power on Capitol Hill to hold the next White House in line." 

Per the New York Times, two Bush Cabinet officials testifying yesterday before a Senate committee vowed to work with Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform "but publicly distanced themselves from proposals that would place most illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship…  It was unclear whether the officials were simply trying to ease conservative concerns about the citizenship question or whether Mr. Bush had actually shifted his position." 

Per the Dallas Morning News, Bush is cleaning out some old campaign accounts to fund his own presidential library. 

The Washington Times previews Bush's fundraiser tomorrow for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is tasked with carrying Bush's water in that chamber. 

Bush's former campaign manager Ken Mehlman, the just-retired chair of the Republican National Committee, has joined forces with a mega lobbying firm to "provide 'political intelligence' to hedge funds trying to gauge developments in their investment strategies." 

The Washington Post's Kurtz covers the sometimes absurd insistence by senior Bush Administration officials to remain on background with reporters even when it's clear who the sources are.