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Vilsack: It's all about the Benjamins

From NBC's Huma Zaidi and Lauren Appelbaum
In a conference call with reporters this afternoon, a somber Tom Vilsack (D) reiterated much of what he said in a news conference earlier today, which is that he's dropping out of the race because his campaign could simply not raise enough money to be competitive. "It is ultimately about money," Vilsack said while lamenting that he'd wished the race was more focused on the issues he cares most about, like Iraq and energy. While the former Iowa governor said he's confident that his campaign would have done well in his home state and New Hampshire, Vilsack added that a frontloaded primary calendar would complicate his fundraising efforts. "The premium on money became even more compelling," he said.
Vilsack said he does not have any plans on endorsing any candidate soon or and said he's not even thinking about whether he would accept an offer to be a vice presidential nominee. Vilsack said today he is thinking about his family, his staff and supporters who have devoted so much time into his presidential campaign.