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More oh-eight (R)

Sen. Sam Brownback is in Arizona.  A slew of Republican contenders will make their way through South Carolina this week: McCain visits today, Giuliani stops in tomorrow, Romney pops by on Thursday, and Rep. Duncan Hunter finishes off the week on Friday. 

In the state yesterday, McCain called for Roe v. Wade to be overturned and promoted abstinence. 

Former Sen. Phil Gramm writes in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that he believes McCain "might not be the right president for all times, but he is the right president for these times" because of McCain's position on fiscal issues.  McCain, Gramm writes, "trusts our people enough to tell them the truth about the festering domestic problems that have been swept under the rug for a quarter-century."

Romney plans to go on the air tomorrow in some early primary states with a 60-second ad which describes him "as a 'business legend' who 'rescued the Olympics' and 'turned around a Democratic state,'" the AP reports.  "Romney himself adds: 'This is not a time for more talk and dithering in Washington.  It's a time for action.'  The ad is set to air starting Wednesday in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan and Florida."  A 30-second version also will air.  The story notes, "Fellow Republican Duncan Hunter, a California congressman staging a long-shot bid for the presidency, aired the first ad of either major party last week with a limited buy in South Carolina, North Carolina and South Dakota." 

Romney told the Des Moines Register yesterday that while the United States should not cut off all communication with Iran, it should "maintain diplomatic isolation" from the country. 

Romney also told the AP yesterday that "he was confident that research on adult stem cells and the existing embryonic stem cell lines could eventually provide the medical answers" for diseases like MS, which afflicts his wife Ann.