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The Democratic agenda

The Washington Post looks at how net neutrality is becoming an issue for Democrats this year, "largely because its most fervid advocates are liberal bloggers and other Internet activists who play a big role in the early stages of choosing a Democratic presidential nominee.  Unlike their Republican counterparts, every major Democratic presidential candidate has endorsed net neutrality.  The move keeps them in good standing with powerful grass-roots groups, such as MoveOn.org, and costs them little in return." 

The Los Angeles Times says JetBlue's problem increase the likelihood that Congress will take up a passengers' bill of rights. 

The New York Times profiles freshman Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand (D), who finds herself in a precarious political situation as a Democrat representing a GOP-leaning district.  "Now, even as the congratulatory letters continue to trickle in, she often looks like a candidate who is still on the run…  That frenetic pace reflects her uncomfortable reality: that her victory last fall, like the success of Democrats nationwide, may have been an aberration that could be undone with a swing in the mood of the electorate or by formidable opposition."