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The Bush/GOP Agenda

The White House communications office is e-mailing around David Broder's Washington Post column suggesting that Bush may be "poised for a political comeback...  Like President Bill Clinton after the Democrats lost control of Congress in 1994, Bush has gone through a period of wrenching adjustment to his reduced status.  But just as Clinton did in the winter of 1995, Bush now shows signs of renewed energy and is regaining the initiative on several fronts...  More important, he is demonstrating political smarts that even his critics have to acknowledge." 

In his weekly National Journal column, NBC political analyst Charlie Cook writes about the potential "vicious cycle" Republicans face in this hostile political climate.  "Simply put, if a sizable number of GOP incumbents become pessimistic about their party's chances of reclaiming its majorities or if they conclude that getting beaten at the polls next year is a real possibility, we might see a disproportionate number of Republican retirements.  If the GOP is forced to defend a large number of open seats, its chances of making a successful comeback in 2008 will get even worse."

The New York Times reports that former White House counsel Harriet Miers, before she left office, orchestrated the ouster of the US attorney in Arkansas and replaced him with GOP operative Tim Griffin.  Miers' "involvement was disclosed on Wednesday by Justice Department officials led by [deputy Attorney General Paul] McNulty, who held a closed-door briefing for senators on the Judiciary Committee after Democrats criticized the dismissals of 7 to 10 United States attorneys as politically motivated."