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More Oh-Eight (R)

Among those presidential contenders not serving in the Senate, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani headlines a fundraiser in Richmond, VA tomorrow, and former Gov. Mitt Romney is in Florida.

CQ Politics reports, "Even though Giuliani stated, 'Yes, I'm running, sure,' in response to a question by [Larry] King about his candidacy status, that does not mean he is officially in the race to succeed President Bush, said Giuliani exploratory campaign spokeswoman Maria Comella.  She told CQPolitics.com Thursday that a formal announcement 'is still coming.'" 

Prominent evangelical conservative Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention "told The Hill in an interview this week that as it stands now, the top tier of Republican presidential hopefuls lacks a candidate social conservatives can be fully comfortable voting for."  His first prediction was that Giuliani will not become the GOP nominee.  He also said "Romney has to 'convince' social conservatives his conversions on issues such as abortion and gay rights are authentic rather than politically motivated."  And he said that McCain's "strengths with independent voters are what is hurting him with socially conservative voters." 

The New York Post says that Giuliani will speak at Pat Robertson's Regent University on April 17.  "The appearance in April comes at a time when Giuliani is trying to build bridges to conservatives who dominate GOP primaries and who are wary of his pro-choice, pro-gay-rights stands." 

Following a candid TV interview, the Boston Globe profiles Ann Romney, her journey to Mormonism, her relationship with her husband, and his campaign for president. 

The Politico reports on Brownback's growing record of missed votes.  "Only Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., who remains hospitalized after a life-threatening brain hemorrhage, has missed more." 

Potential presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) debate whose book is better and the broader future of the two parties at the National Press Club.  The Washington Times points out that while Gingrich consistently ranks in the top tier of GOP candidates in national polls, he gets comparably little attention because he hasn't made any moves toward running.  (He has said he'll decide in the fall.)