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Among those presidential contenders not serving in the Senate, former Sen. John Edwards will be in Iowa and Las Vegas tomorrow talking about his universal health care plan.  Former Gov. Bill Richardson is in New Hampshire today and tomorrow, keynoting a Concord, NH Democratic dinner tomorrow.

The New York Daily News writes that Clinton yesterday charged that a nuclear power company -- a client of Giuliani's firm -- needs a safety review.  "Following some recent scares at Entergy's Indian Point nuclear power plant in Westchester County, Clinton has reintroduced a bill that would force a stepped-up review of the plant by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission…  Left unsaid was that Entergy is a major client of Giuliani Partners, which for years has worked as a consultant to develop Indian Point's evacuation and safety plans."  The article adds that the news "immediately put Team Giuliani on the defensive and underscored how the former mayor's private-sector client list could cause him a series of small headaches." 

The State covers the small brouhaha surrounding a big Clinton hire/endorsement in South Carolina.  "When asked Tuesday by a reporter, [state Sen. Darrell Jackson said he was backing Clinton, D-N.Y.  A day later, a national political Web site reported Jackson's consulting firm, Sunrise Enterprises, had agreed to work for Clinton for $10,000 a month." 

Ralph Nader has once again said he might run for president if Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, notes the San Francisco Chronicle

The Chicago Tribune says that Obama's revamped website "looks a lot like MySpace and Facebook, and that is no accident.  As a presidential candidate offering himself as a generational change agent, Obama is leveraging online social networking in a nearly unprecedented way in yet another clear measure of how the Internet is transforming politics." 

With Obama making his first trip to South Carolina today, the AP notes that he may have a tougher time here than some thought.  "If there is a single state where being black holds the potential to boost Obama's chances to win the Democratic presidential nomination, South Carolina fits the bill…  Yet, Democratic voters and party officials here said the Illinois senator will have to do as much persuading as any other candidate to win the support of blacks, who make up about half the Palmetto State's Democratic voters." 

The Des Moines Register recaps former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.  "'I'm not a rock star, I'm rock solid,' Vilsack told his comic host when asked about competing with his celebrity rivals." 

With Sen. Chris Dodd on a swing through New Hampshire today, the Manchester Union Leader looks at his recent comments about Iraq and Iran and his criticism of his colleagues on the debate over non-binding resolutions.  "Dodd called the Senate jockeying, including a key role by Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., 'all clever stuff.  The problem is there are kids dying there and the Iraqis are suffering terribly.  The politics worked pretty well for everybody... but the problem was the people on the ground going through a lot have to sit there and wonder what's going on.'" 

Al Gore yesterday rolled out plans for a 24-hour concert in July to promote awareness and efforts to halt climate change.  "Asked yet again if he's running for president ('no'), the former veep was quizzed about lingering skeptics of global warming.  Gore sighed, and then joked that the doubters must get together on Saturday nights with the folks who believe the moon landings were staged in the Arizona desert.  Said Gore, 'I'm running out of things to say to them.'"