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Hillary on Iran

From NBC's Ken Strickland
In a speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Hillary Clinton says if President Bush has any plans for military action against Iran, he must first get new authorization from Congress. Her speech responded to all the recent developments with Iran, including evidence presented by the Administration last weekend suggesting that the Iranian government is supplying insurgents with bomb-making materials.

She said the evidence was "by no means conclusive," and later added that Congress needs "a steady stream of real verifiable" intelligence, while recalling the ramp-up to the war four years ago was based on "faulty" intel. "It appears the Bush Administration still doesn't "understand the facts on the ground," she said.

Clinton's language was strong, but echoed remarks made by others on Iran. She called for direct talks with Iran, but insisted "no option be taken off the table." She added that the Administration needed to "deliver a strong message ... and not tolerate this behavior" from Iran.