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The Libby trial

Libby's attorneys begin their defense today.  NBC's Joel Seidman says it will likely begin with a parade of witnesses, including prominent journalists, but whether or not the lawyers will call Libby himself and/or Vice President Cheney to testify remains a mystery.  As Seidman notes, Cheney is in Washington this week and travels overseas next week on a trip to Japan and Australia, so the speculation is that if he's called to appear, Cheney would show up at the courthouse sometime this week.

The New York Times says that if Cheney testifies, as expected, it could carry risks for him.  "If Mr. Cheney makes a statement that conflicts with the public record - and nearly every witness so far has done so at least once - it could prove embarrassing for him and for the administration."  More: "[T]he trial has chipped away at the public image of Mr. Cheney as a sober-minded policy architect and tough political combatant, never rattled by the sniping of critics or the fickle commentary of the press." 

USA Today anticipates that Libby's lawyers will try to "pit journalists from the same newspapers or networks against each other."