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More oh-eight (R)


The Hill points out that McCain's vote against Gen. George Casey's nomination to become Army chief of staff "is a departure from a policy he outlined two years ago on the president's prerogative to appoint advisers," and that critics "view McCain's vote as an effort to distance himself from President Bush's Iraq war policy while he lays the groundwork for his own presidential campaign."  Still, "a McCain spokeswoman said that his earlier statement should not be taken out of context.  She said it referred to filibusters of presidential appointments, not final confirmation votes." 

The Wall Street Journal notes that during his fundraising tour of California, "Giuliani will huddle with [Gov. Arnold] Schwarzenegger, whose success as a Republican maverick offers a model for the former New York City mayor. Schwarzenegger has highlighted health and environmental issues."

Romney is heading to South Carolina before New Hampshire after he announces his candidacy next week.  Romney's campaign says it's because of logistics "and the state party chief in New Hampshire said he is not concerned." 

Sen. Sam Brownback wants to give Romney a run for his money in Michigan and heads there this weekend to speak at the state party convention in Grand Rapids.

The Washington Times takes its turn reporting on how conservatives are dissatisfied with their choices among the frontrunners for the GOP nomination.