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More Oh-Eight (D)

Former Sen. John Edwards has a town hall on his health care plan in Charleston, SC.  Per a spokesperson, he will discuss his plan's impact on the uninsured.  Edwards carried South Carolina in 2004.

Gov. Bill Richardson will lay out his "foreign policy vision" and "his detailed philosophy to confront world challenges" at a speech this morning at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in DC.  He'll probably reference his meeting yesterday with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to discuss Darfur and North Korea. 

The Hill looks at Sen. Barack Obama's efforts to set up a policy shop, and the stakes for him on that front given his legislative inexperience.  Politico's Simon, in an interview with Obama, quotes him talking about how he has given policy speeches on almost every major issue and "'the key for us, I think, is just making sure that we are getting the press to focus attention on that agenda as opposed to, you know, obsessing on how I look in my swimming trunks.'"  He also "hinted at the possibility of letting… 'net-citizens' play a role in running the campaign."   

Obama won't accept public financing for his campaign, either.  But he has "asked for guidance from the Federal Election Commission on whether he could reverse course if he wins the Democratic nomination and his Republican opponent accepts public money." 

A pair of candidate forums have been slated for August in Iowa with another four in New Hampshire between October and the New Hampshire primary.