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The Bush Agenda

The Washington Post says Bush's proposal to increase funding for national parks by $258 million next year strikes critics as "a sharp turn for a president whose previous budgets did not address maintenance and staffing problems at parks across the country," and "targets one of the few domestic areas where he has called for funding significant new initiatives in his fiscal 2008 spending plan." 

The New York Times says Bush "may have found his inner Teddy Roosevelt."  But: "Most environmentalists would not say George W. Bush and Theodore Roosevelt in the same sentence, unless making an invidious comparison." 

"Senate Republican budget hawks are urging [Bush] to use an executive order or presidential signing statement to block some of their fellow lawmakers from adding earmarks or pet projects to the fiscal 2007 continuing resolution," Roll Call reports. 

House Democrats are taking up their Senate counterparts' case about the Bush Administration "firing" US attorneys.  "Democrats in both the House and Senate have raised questions about whether the Bush White House and Justice Department may be trying to derail certain sensitive investigations and replace U.S. attorneys with conservatives loyal to the White House," the Wall Street Journal says.