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The Libby Trial

The New York Times covers yesterday's testimony by, and cross-examination of NBC's Tim Russert.  "Mr. Russert, whose signature technique in interrogating officials on his television program includes confronting them with documents and texts of previous quotes, found the technique used on him." 

The New York Daily News notes that Russert's testimony was "devastating" for Libby's defense team.  

The Washington Post's Kurtz says Russert's appearance was, "at bottom, a case study in the importance of controlling the microphone.  On the air, NBC's Washington bureau chief asks the questions, frames the issues or serves up political insight.  On the witness stand, by contrast, even the cockiest pundit is by definition on the defensive.  Russert, a lawyer, measured his words and frequently answered the question he wished he had been asked rather than the query posed by Libby attorney Ted Wells."