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The Bush agenda

McClatchy reports that while the Bush Administration adamantly opposes tax increases, "its proposed fiscal 2008 budget seeks to raise almost $81 billion in new revenue over the next five years by hiking user fees and other charges on taxpayers and businesses.  Technically, changes to these fees aren't taxes.  But for anyone who must pay them - everyone from recreational hikers to war veterans - it's a question of semantics." 

The Justice Department admitted yesterday to firing the US attorney in Little Rock "to replace him with a lawyer who had been an aide to Karl Rove" and a top aide at the Republican National Committee, reports USA Today.  A Justice Department official told a Senate committee that the new hire was not inspired by politics and was based on his prosecutorial experience, including "a stint in Iraq as a military prosecutor." 

The Chicago Tribune adds, "The current round of removals" of US attorneys "has attracted Democratic attention because of a little-noticed measure that was slipped into the Patriot Act Reauthorization last year allowing the White House to circumvent the Senate approval process for U.S. attorneys by making open-ended interim appointments."