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More Oh-Eight (D)

Politico's Simon reports that Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton may bail out on early debates because they require too much prep time and involve too much risk for the frontrunning candidates. 

Per the Chicago Tribune, conservative critics are latching onto Obama's "adherence to the creed of the prominent South Side church he attends, Trinity United Church of Christ.  The congregation posits what it terms a Black Value System, including calls to be 'soldiers for black freedom' and a 'disavowal of the pursuit of middleclassness.'  In an interview late Monday, Obama said it was important to understand the document as a whole rather than highlight individual tenets." 

The Chicago Tribune also writes that Obama is trying to quit smoking again -- this time as he runs for the highest office in the land. 

Former Sen. John Edwards says his universal health care plan, which he would fund by rolling back the Bush tax cuts on Americans with the highest incomes, is "less complicated" than the proposal Clinton rolled out when she was First Lady. 

The Wall Street Journal says "Edwards's call for universal health care marks the opening volley in two debates facing Democrats running for president in 2008: How to provide health coverage to some 47 million uninsured people and what to do about [Bush's] tax cuts."  The Journal points out that the plan "assumes that the Bush tax cuts, most of which are set to expire in 2010, would be extended by Congress, even for the wealthiest recipients." 

The Des Moines Register says health care is "another issue on which Edwards has shifted since his 2004 campaign," along with saying his vote for the Iraq war was a mistake.  "Both issues distinguish him from the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, the New York senator who led a failed effort to create a government-run universal health care program during her husband's first term." 

It's no surprise, but Edwards makes it official: He won't accept public financing, either. 

Bill Clinton groupie Barbra Streisand says she likes Hillary Clinton, Obama and Edwards and has donated money to all three.