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The New York Post notes how McCain and Hagel traded volleys on Sunday shows yesterday over the troop increase.  "McCain (Ariz.) slammed a resolution Hagel (Neb.) co-sponsored with Democrats which critiques President Bush's proposed troop surge.  'This is a vote of no confidence in both the mission and the troops,' McCain charged on ABC's 'This Week'…  Hagel shot back, blasting McCain's resolution to set benchmarks for Iraq's government while not threatening to cut off funding. Hagel called it 'intellectually dishonest' - a phrase McCain uses against his critics." 

Columnist Robert Novak says that McCain, who sounded like Ted Kennedy on taxes in 2000, now sounds like Jack Kemp.  "He wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent...  He supports radically scaling back the estate tax and does not now favor upper-income increases in the Social Security tax...  It is difficult to measure how much the transformation of McCain from taxer to tax-cutter has contributed to his fading popularity among Washington's media elite, but the romance is gone.  The change, however, has not boosted McCain's stock in Congress, particularly the House." 

Speaking in South Carolina over the weekend, Rudy Giuliani said he would appoint "strict constructionists" -- like Scalia, Roberts, and Alito -- to the bench if he becomes president, CBNNews.com reports. 

Rep. Tom Tancredo was in Iowa over the weekend, where he said "that illegal immigration has diluted the country's patriotism" and "advocated that border security be the nation's top priority."