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The Democratic Agenda

The Senate voted 94-3 yesterday "to boost the federal minimum wage by $2.10 to $7.25 an hour over two years, but packaged the increase with small business tax cuts and limits on corporate pay that could complicate its path to become law."  A hike "would be one of the first major legislative successes of the new Democratic-controlled Congress."  Still: "The measure presents a challenge to Democrats who must navigate between the demands of labor and other interest groups and the realities of the Senate, where Republicans hold 49 of 100 votes." 

The San Francisco Chronicle suggests the news that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom had an affair with his campaign manager's wife could possibly damage Speaker Nancy Pelosi because it's an indictment of "San Francisco values."  "'The only person who gets hurt more than Gavin Newsom is… Pelosi,' says Dan Schnur, a GOP strategist… As Fox News and other national cable outlets seized on the scandal Thursday, Schnur said the story will resonate among conservative talk outlets precisely because Pelosi 'spent the last 30 days surrounding herself with every child on the Eastern seaboard to put to rest the discussion of "San Francisco values."