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The Bush Agenda

Also today, Bush will also give interviews to FOX and the Wall Street Journal editorial board. 

The Wall Street Journal follows up on yesterday's New York Times report on Bush's latest controversial executive order: "A White House move to tighten its control over federal regulations is providing fresh evidence of the Bush administration's intent to leave its conservative imprint on government over the next two years...  Most notably, the White House has given itself more review authority over many informal agency dictates known as guidance.  Critics say the executive order gives the White House a chokehold over new guidance it dislikes.  White House officials deny that, saying it is simply strengthening a review process that already occurs in many instances." 

As NBC's Andrea Mitchell reported last night, the Financial Times says today that scientists claim the Administration "has routinely suppressed or ­distorted communication of climate change science to the public."  Their "testimony risks embarrassing the Bush administration ahead of the release on Friday of a landmark report on climate change science that will say there is a 90 per cent certainty that human activity is changing the world's climate and temperatures will rise by 3 degrees Celsius by 2100." 

The Los Angeles Times looks at how "[l]egislation to curb global warming is still a long shot in Congress, because there is no consensus on a solution" -- but the Democratic Hill leadership and most of the contenders for president "are far ahead of [Bush] in proposing ways to reduce carbon emissions." 

Today is White House counsel Harriet Miers' last day.