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Security politics

The Chicago Tribune covers Bush's remarks yesterday to National Public Radio, in which he said that Iranian aggression inside Iraq would be met with US force.  "At the same time, Bush asserted his determination to resolve what the U.S. sees as Iran's ambitions for nuclear weaponry through diplomatic channels." 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to hold a press conference this afternoon to review her findings from her recent trip to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Roll Call reports that with debate over the resolutions now a week away, "Senate Democratic leaders are expected to use the delay to push back against tough White House rhetoric and attempt to build a bipartisan coalition on the issue."

USA Today looks at the Senate's "tiny caucus of Vietnam combat veterans," a handful of whom "provided some of the most riveting exchanges last week as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved" the Biden-Hagel-Levin resolution opposing Bush's proposed troop increase.  "All three Vietnam War veterans on the panel - two Democrats and a Republican - voted for the resolution."  Channeling First Read, the story notes the diametrically opposed roles being played by McCain and Hagel. 

Roll Call reports that conservative radio talk-show host Hugh Hewitt "recently has taken to the airwaves and the Internet, urging the National Republican Senatorial Committee to refrain from making money available to GOP Senators" who are on the ballot in 2008 and "who vote to condemn Bush's Iraq War policy...  NRSC spokeswoman Rebecca Fisher said Monday the committee is taking Hewitt's effort seriously, indicating the NRSC is concerned about the practical implications it might have on fundraising and grass-roots support for GOP Senate candidates."

Less than a week after sharing rather close quarters with Obama at the State of the Union, Clinton again found herself being photographed with her competition yesterday, NBC's Carrie Dann notes.  This time, she was seated next to McCain during the emotional dedication ceremonies for the US Army's new Intrepid rehabilitation center in San Antonio.  The two exchanged a brief embrace between their back-to-back speeches, but each spent much of the program looking vaguely annoyed at the proximity of the rival sun in the political solar system.