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Speaking order released for DNC cattle call

From NBC's Mark Murray
The first Democratic presidential cattle call will occur this weekend in DC at the Democratic National Committee's annual winter meeting, and the DNC has just released the speaking order for the 10 announced, all-but announced, or possible candidates who will participate. On Friday morning, after speeches by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and DNC chairman Howard Dean, Chris Dodd will kick off the cattle call -- and he'll be followed by Barack Obama, Wes Clark, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, and (last but certainly not least) Hillary Clinton.

On Saturday morning, Joe Biden will lead things off -- followed by Bill Richardson, Mike Gravel, and Tom Vilsack. The DNC says that each candidate's speech will be limited to about seven minutes. And as we mentioned earlier, we'll find out which songs they all will be using for their entrance and exit music.