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The Democratic agenda

First Read has mentioned before how global warming has become a hot topic for some presidential candidates, in part because of the success of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."  Today, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is holding a hearing on the issue, and chairwoman Barbara Boxer has asked her colleagues who have offered pertinent legislation to testify.  Among the witnesses expected are Biden, McCain, and Obama.  Clinton is a member of the committee and is expected to attend.  NBC's Strickland notes that some of the witnesses may wind up on the same panel. 

The Wall Street Journal emphasizes the significance of House Democrats' $463.5 billion spending bill, which is "designed to keep the government operating for the rest of the fiscal year and bridge the gap left by the collapse of the budget process last fall.  Never before in modern times has Congress attempted this type of streamlined funding resolution on such a large scale.  The bill touches almost every corner of the government, down to securities transaction fees charged by federal regulators and even lawmakers' pay."

NBC political analyst Charlie Cook writes in CongressDaily AM, "As tempting as it must be for Democrats to embark on a big, bold and ambitious policy agenda, particularly after having been mired in minority status for a dozen years, the simple truth is that between the reality of narrow majorities and their decision to abide by PAYGO -- pay as you go spending/taxing rules -- their options are few and limited to relatively small ticket items."

Bush told NPR yesterday that his dropping of the "-ic" from "Democratic" during his State of the Union address was an accident.  (Note that the original version of Bush's week-ahead schedule that was released to reporters over the weekend listed Bush as speaking to "the House Democrat Conference" this Saturday.  Last night, the White House issued a new week-ahead schedule which says he's speaking to the "House Democratic Conference.")  The Los Angeles Times is the latest to delve into why this particular semantic issue rankles Democrats.