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The Libby trial

Former New York Times reporter Judith Miller is expected to take the stand today, "the first time the former New York Times reporter has testified publicly against the man she went to jail to protect as a source," the AP notes. 

The Washington Post's Milbank lampoons former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer's testimony yesterday, saying that Libby's defense team learned "what any reporter could have told them: The longer you question Fleischer, the less knowledge you take away from the experience.  And Fleischer, protecting his own role in the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame, was determined not to give even a kernel of fact to Libby's defense."  As a main prosecution witness, Fleischer testified that Libby informed Fleischer of Plame's identity three days earlier than Libby has claimed to investigators that he first learned of it. 

"During more than three hours of testimony that offered a rare glimpse inside the usually secretive Bush White House, Fleischer showed little of the unyielding discipline that defined his tenure as press secretary.  He pointed fingers at a former colleague, acknowledged frustration at how powerless he often was to sway the media, and described in detail the frantic White House efforts to contain a spreading public relations debacle," says the Los Angeles Times.